Walking & Trekking : Some trekking ideas a other open-door activities in Campania
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Walking through Scala on the Amalfi Coast

Until October 2013, on every first and third Thursday of each month you can join the event: "Walking through Scala: the ancient village."

Discovering Scala, a little-known town on the Amalfi Coast.

Until October 2013, on every first and third Thursday of each month you can join the event: "Walking through Scala: the ancient village." At 5 p.m.  depart from Amalfi on the characteristic red City Sightseeing bus to reach Scala, where a guide will lead the visitors to discover the most beautiful and fascinating corners of this spot on the Amalfi Coast.

The visit will take you through: the courtyard of the Bishop's Palace and of the Palazzo Mansi d'Amelio,  and the Cathedral of San Lorenzo where you the guide mention the romantic love story between Antonio Coppola and Marinella Rufolo whose monument is kept in the crypt of the cathedral itself.

At the end of the visit, the visitors will be offered a tasting of local limoncello called ‘sfusato di Amalfi’. The return to Amalfi is scheduled at 7 p.m. The ticket costs € 6,00 for adults and € 3,00 for children.

For further information:  City of Scala - Department of Tourism
Pro Loco of Scala +39 089.857115 - +39 089.858056



Walking & Trekking
In the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, on the Amalfi Coast, ...

There are so many corners of Campania, which are ideal spots for sporting and adventurous activities such as rafting or trekking. Campania offers many opportunities for fans of these outdoor activities, in close contact with nature, in places ranging from the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano to the Amalfi Coast. Do not miss out on living, for example, an experience like rafting on the rivers of Campania! Enjoy a wonderful and funny raft ride, choosing from several starting points: from Contursi Terme, Pertosa and Castelcivita ... Rafting is an activity for everyone!

Different are the outdoor activities to choose from, such as ‘speleorafting’ in the Caves of Pertosa, a new discipline which combines cave exploration and river rafting. Or, you can opt for an excursion in a canoe combined with bird watching, or for a relaxing paddling experience on the Sele river to discover the secret nature of its coast: cormorants, herons, moorhens, coots, egrets, otters and other beautiful animals will join you along the way. Or choose an free climbing experience on the natural walls of the beautiful province of Salerno, or ‘arcotrekking’, an innovative activity combining hiking and archery, or tree climbing, a climbing technique that allows access to the treetops, a perfect experience for kids and adults.

Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Campania and new emotions for an adventure that will remain forever imprinted in your minds.