Walking & Trekking in Campania. Outdoor hiking around Amalfi, Sorrento and in the Cilento National Park.


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sentiero degli deiTrekking is an English word that for the Italians is synonymous with hiking, but it really is much more ... it is an outdoor activity consisting in walking slowly in natural environments, often in the mountains, and on hiking trails to better know the landscape from different perspectives and at the same time to find yourself. Trekking is not mountaineering... it is days of walking, along with adventure. It is not climbing, it is not an extreme sport, it is not defying nature .... but entering in tune with it.

Trekking derives from the verb 'to trek', a term coming from the language of the Dutch settlers of South Africa, from the Boer words trek (noun) and trekken (verb) with various meanings, such as 'pull', 'walk slowly or even undertake a long journey with wagons pulled by oxen', 'migration' referring to the Great Migration the Dutch settlers were forced to from 1835 and 1843 to escape the advance of the English, and this historical origin of the term amplifies the concept of finding oneself while walking towards new goals. Trekking became a word in English language in mid 19th century and also means 'a long journey undertaken on foot in areas where common means of transport are note available' and this well describes what once was the main way of travelling: walking along trails and mule tracks in the company of donkeys, mules, oxen or horses. Hence, today, the various side activities in the modern and popular touristic trekking activities and walking tours.

Nowadays, trekking is a way to get away, even if only for a few days, from the hustle of everyday life and from the haste characterizing it, to explore new places without stress and enjoy outdoor activities. A way to restore, to pause for breath and to live nature in its various manifestations: stunning views, canyons, caves, seaside coast, fjords, hills, valleys, trees, flowers and plants .... along fixed and unfixed paths and trails. In this spirit our website dedicated to Walking & Trekking comes to life.


Visit the River Sele Valley and its natural, historical and artistic beauties , Contursi Terme

Residence Villa Italia is the ideal solution for those who love nature and would like to visit a little known area, but of great fascination. The structure is situated at few km from the main thermal baths of Contursi Termei...


Walking & Trekking on the Amalfi Coast: A paradise on earth between myth and reality
The Amalfi Coast is a paradise on earth with wonderful natural landscapes and nature to explore, with stunning views over the entire Amalfi Coast, Sorrento Coast stretching until to Capri. For many, the Amalfi Coast is known from postcards and walks along the streets and alleys of its major resorts, but there is a more discreet area, which should be discovered and lived with calm, a small world which is not immediately visibile made of paths, villages, hidden places of worship that put us in touch with the origins and essential soul of this reality. The nature and coastal trails so beloved by walking and trekking lovers combine the sacred and the profane, myth and history, legend and reality, nature and man... Starting from the 'Path of the Gods', the path of excellence, which is now famous throughout the world and covers from Agerola to Positano through a landscape beyond description, always with the sea as an inseparable companion. From here, spectacular are the views of the Sorrento Peninsula and the island of Capri and of course the spectacular cliffs and the clear blue sea of the Amalfi Coast itself.
The Divine Coast also offers many other opportunities to explore nature such as the Valle delle Ferriere, the Valley of the Bandits, the Mount and the Sanctuary of the Avvocata, Santa Maria del Castello ... we invite you to know and admire them with us.

Walking & Trekking in Sorrento: touch the sky with a finger!

The Sorrento Peninsula, Sorrento in particular, is a famous and beloved tourist destination both for Italians and foreigners, and it is the full expression of the Neapolitan style and sunny nature of the South Italians in the world, much praised by the songs 'Come back to Sorrento' and 'O' sole mio '. In addition to the postcard images and beautiful coastal views in which sea and sun are the main characters, for lovers of walking and hiking Mount Faito plays the master and needs to be explored. Its name comes from the local dialect word "beech", because the area is especially rich in beech trees, as well as oak and chestnut trees. The paths through the beech trees lead into the heart of the mountain until to its peaks almost touching the sky. Mount Faito is 1131 meters high and is one of the peaks of the Lattari Maounts, the Preappennine mountain group in Campania, and offers spectacular views of the Sorrento Peninsula, the Gulf of Naples and the Vesuvius, the island of Capri, the Amalfi Coast and the Gulf of Salerno. For all lovers of the sea the ideal is to walk in the Natural Marine Reserve of Punta Campanella and reach the beach of Jeranto from which you will enjoy a stunning view of Punta Campanella itself and the famous Faraglioni, symbol of Capri. The area is a protected natural reserve and certainly one of the most beautiful Italian coasts with a luxuriant vegetation and a rich underwater life.

Walking & Trekking in the Cilento National Park: nature, folklore, returning to roots

The National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano is a vast and various territory characterized by sea and mountains, grottoes and sea seas, rivers and waterfalls, ancient monuments and historical and rooted rural traditions, by picturesque mountain villages, castles, archaeological sites dating back to ancient Greece, fairs and festivals. This land is the ideal destination for those seeking a holiday in a place where time stands still and nature is still untouched: Far from the stress of city, the bustle of work to immerse in local ancient and modern traditions. Whether it's a beach holiday or a cultural one, it is certain in the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano you will restore in nature. And, in fact, the whole region is perfect for walking and trekking outdoors, as it offers a wide choice of mountain trails, but also inshore paths or along the rivers. Among the many we point out the Monte Stella, the Bay of Infreschi, the river Bussento and its sources along with the Valley of Hell, Punta Licosa, Punta Tresino, Mount Cervati, The Calore valley, the Valley of the Orchids in Sassano ... Discover them all with us!


Windsurf, Praiano

Windsurf & Kayak Praiano, located in the heart of the Amalfi Coast in Marina di Praia, offers the unique opportunity to admire the scenery from the sea of one of the most beautiful coasts ...



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